Top 5 online sticker sales sites!

Top 5 online sticker sales sites!

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If stickers have invaded our interiors for a very long time, we never tire of it! On the contrary, there is such a variety of choices that you will inevitably find a model that suits you. Sticker trompe l'oeil, artist model, or poetic inscription, here are five websites where to choose your most beautiful stickers.


If you are looking to give a unique style to your interior, Domestic is the address for you! The brand offers stickers drawn by designers, graphic artists and artists gathered around thematic concepts. So, you will be able to find stickers signed matali crasset, Ich & Kar, the 5.5 designers, Sam Baron or even Marcel Wanders. At Domestic, the stickers are a real alternative to wallpaper and allow you to play with the wall surface freely. You will find quirky designs, original shaped mirror stickers, XXL frescoes but also mini-stickers.

The Ephemeral Invasions

If the brand first started with stickers for scooters and cars, the world of Ephemeral Invasions has now settled throughout the house. On the program: creative and poetic stickers to customize your entire interior. You will then find wall stickers that install a romantic Eiffel Tower on your wall or flowers or a flight of butterflies. The real plus of the brand is also to offer stickers that will transform your daily life. You will be able to customize stools, your table, your computer keyboard, your Iphone and even your keys!


The StickerzLab site is without a doubt the one of choice! You will not find less than 7000 references to dress your walls, your windows or even your furniture with stickers in nature, design or pop style and even very decorative trompe l'oeil. The good news is that you can also customize your Ikea furniture with stickers perfectly cut to the dimensions of the brand's classic furniture. If the site calls on many artists to create its collections, you will also be able to participate in the creation of a sticker. All you have to do is go to the "Create your stickers" tab and be creative. Your interior will then be all the more original.


For an "Urban Chic" style interior, click on the Paristic website. Specializing in stickers that highlight cities and other urban characteristics, Paristic offers artists' stickers that are not lacking in chic. We can thus afford a trompe l'oeil of a lamppost, a metro station or even the roofs of Paris. Do not trust the name of the brand, New York also finds its place in the collections of stickers.


If you want your stickers to also become very useful accessories, you can turn to the slate stickers from Cocobohème. With these accessories, your walls turn into a blackboard in original shapes like friendly animals. Pig, bear, cat, turtle or butterfly, your interior will look very playful. Our favorite: some stickers are ecological because they are made from potato starch!