What wallpaper for a corridor?

What wallpaper for a corridor?

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Mahassen's question

Hello, I wanted to have your opinion to decorate a corridor at my house. It is a 2.5 m long corridor that separates my bedroom from that of my baby. The entire space is painted white and the tiles are also white. I wanted to cover the wall with wallpaper and put a carpet to give a little color. But I have a hard time choosing the wallpaper (color, patterns, style). Thanks for your help.

Answer: a wallpaper with graphic patterns in cheerful colors for a lot of originality and modernity

Hello Mahassen, you want to put wallpaper in the corridor that connects your bedroom to your baby's and thus give it a little color. Your floor is in white tiles, everything is possible because there are no chromatic restrictions. You could put a wallpaper with very colorful graphic (triangles, polygons) and modern patterns. On a corridor, you can really play the card of originality without constraint of style or color, do not hesitate! You too, send us your decoration question