Cutlery and utensil storage in the kitchen

Cutlery and utensil storage in the kitchen

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Kitchen equipped or not, the storage of cutlery and kitchen utensils is essential if you want to be organized and thus save time when preparing your meals. Find out how to organize these storage spaces to help you find your way.

Drawer organization

If your kitchen is equipped with drawers, the simplest is to devote one or two drawers for cutlery and utensils. For better organization, provide cutlery trays the dimensions of your drawers so that spoons, forks and knives are well separated. If the cutlery tray cannot be concealed, in this case choose a more decorative and plastic model for easier maintenance.

The work plan

On your work surface, you can put a pot containing the kitchen utensils that you use daily. With the utensil pot visible, choose a decorative model whose color will be in harmony with your kitchen. For the others less used, you can also put them in a drawer or use a wall splashback. Placed on the wall, these utensils will always be close at hand and will save you space. Finally, for knives, provide a knife block or a wall support so as to avoid any danger.


In general, avoid mixing cutlery and kitchen utensils as these can prove dangerous for children (for example mandolins or graters). If you cannot store them high, then provide a safety lock to prevent accidents.