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Repaint varnished furniture in white lacquer

Repaint varnished furniture in white lacquer

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Question from Sandra


Design response: 100% natural sanding and lacquer painting

Hello Sandra, you want to repaint in white lacquered varnished furniture as the baby approaches: of course, it is entirely possible, here is the procedure to follow! For a child's bedroom, I advise you to choose, without hesitation, an ecological white lacquer, 100% natural, without derivatives of petroleum products. You can choose a satin or gloss finish. First, you will need to clean the surfaces and then sand the flat surfaces with a wedge and coarse sandpaper to start, then medium. Make 8s so as not to create a demarcation on the wood, finish with a fine grain for finishing and clean with a damp cloth to remove all the dust. For non-flat surfaces, use steel wool for the interior of the reliefs. Once the varnish has been sanded, you will apply a layer of natural matte impression, let it dry and apply the paint. You too, send us your decoration question