Playful stickers for the kitchen

Playful stickers for the kitchen

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Do you feel this joyful and light atmosphere that watches over the kitchen when preparing to prepare a small dish, breakfast, afternoon tea or dinner? The favorite piece of the French deserves its title ... It is therefore not a surprise if a multitude of stickers, greedy and fun to wish, are exclusively dedicated to it. Indulge !

The world of gastronomy written black on white

By choosing stickers to decorate the kitchen walls, the idea is to infuse it with a touch of fantasy and poetry. As such, consider using the power of words. From "tea or coffee" to "sweet and savory", passing by a fruit wall crossword, we highlight this gourmet piece where tastes and flavors parade. Words, always words, even going so far as to form whole sentences like "love to cook". Enough to whet your appetite and fill the space with good humor.

The gastronomic world in pictures

The other option if you are looking for stickers to brighten up your kitchen walls: pictorial adhesives! The most coveted models take the form of hanging appliances, dishes or kitchen utensils, and stick to the splashback, creating a trompe l'oeil effect. Playful ! And let's not forget the trend of stickers that dress the fridge or dishwasher, many versions of which display a mixture of spices or delicacies ...