What colors for a New York style bedroom?

What colors for a New York style bedroom?

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Question from Marion


Answer: light gray on the wall and brick-style wallpaper, red or metal lights and views of New York for perspective

Hello Marion, you want to redecorate your room and give it a New York style. I advise you to paint the walls in light gray. On one of them, you will have frames with different New York posters (panoramic view, yellow taxis, etc.) and on another wall, "fake bricks" wallpaper could bring originality. Using stencils, which you will make yourself on cardboard using textile paint, you could create cushions with writing <> or <> for example. For windows, put red blinds or curtains and for light fixtures, choose brushed steel or red tinted metal. On the floor, it would be interesting to put a metal imitation vinyl or gray parquet style. You too, send us your decoration question