Create an Asian atmosphere with brown and ecru

Create an Asian atmosphere with brown and ecru

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Question from Philippe


Answer: a chocolate wall, anise curtains, bamboo furniture and some Asian decorative items

Hello Philippe, you want to decorate your daughter's room and give her an Asian-inspired atmosphere with a chocolate and ecru theme. For this, I advise you to paint a light brown wall and the others ecru. For the curtains choose an anise green which will recall the color of the bamboos and which will combine perfectly with the other colors chosen. On the closets, you could stick bamboo print stickers that you can easily find on the Internet or in DIY and decoration stores. Choose a bedside table and a light bamboo wardrobe. On a wall shelf, you can place a pretty bust of Buddha. Do not overload the room with decorative elements of Asian inspiration, a few elements are enough to set the tone! Hang 2 or 3 pretty black and white photos on the wall of temples and popular animals in Asia (elephants, tiger, etc.) placed in light wooden frames like furniture. On the floor, lay out a thick chocolate carpet and for the sheets, choose a sober color with some discreet Asian patterns. You too, send us your decoration question