Lights that blend into the garden

Lights that blend into the garden

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With the long summer evenings, you can finally enjoy the garden until late at night. It is in principle during this period that we realize that garden lights are important, both to light the table or the garden furniture, but also to stage its plantations.

Create a space of conviviality

If you create a garden furniture or a terrace to eat there, outdoor lighting will necessarily be essential. To make it as discreet as possible, the ideal solution is recessed floor lighting that will define your living space. Next to your furniture, add one or two light pots that provide a decorative touch at the same time as lighting. To light up your table or living room, choose a parasol garland or hang from a tree. Also, don't forget to mark your paths with spotlights placed on the ground and of low intensity so as not to dazzle.

Create an enchanted garden

Outdoor lighting is not only used to locate oneself in space at night, it can also play a major role in the decoration of your garden. Determine which trees, shrubs and flower beds to showcase, taking care to distribute the lighting throughout the garden. Depending on the density of the foliage, direct the light from the bottom to the top with a spot powerful enough for a large tree or a very leafy shrub, but for flowers and light beds, prefer weak lights, placed at different heights for play volumes.

Lighting that makes you forget

To make the lights an integral part of your garden, there are technical solutions that make them completely autonomous. Think, for example, of motion detection lamps that will light up when you pass by, or even solar lamps that will naturally light up at dusk. So you will not even think about your outdoor lighting anymore since it will gently replace daylight.