Spider-Man decor in the boys' room

Spider-Man decor in the boys' room

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The movie release that will delight little boys this summer is "The Amazing Spider-Man", in theaters from July 4. But it is not only on the big screen that the spider man is making a comeback. Here he invites himself in the children's room, for a decoration mixing fantasy and adventure.

Spider-Man from every angle

It's hard to do without Spider-Man objects to create a decor like the Marvel Comics superhero. Lampshades, posters, stickers, cushion mats, clocks and poufs with the "spider-man" look are therefore welcome in the little wolves' bedroom.

Red and blue color code

However, the decor should not consist exclusively of derivative products at the risk of creating a feeling of suffocation. The development therefore continues with the following rule: highlight the red and blue color code, like the costume of the hero in question. A word of advice: favor a gradient of bluish shades, then wake up with a few red touches (on a cushion, a lamp, a plush), and not the other way around! The atmosphere will be more soothing and more balanced.