Christmas decor in vases

Christmas decor in vases

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The Christmas decoration on the windows, on the tree, on the table, and why not in vases? By betting on a game of transparency and a touch of creativity, the vases allow magnificent settings. Demonstration.

Transparency game

A successful Christmas decor obviously goes through essentials such as the fir tree, tableware or garlands hanging from the windows, but also through these subtle and poetic touches that highlight the fairy-tale spirit of the living room. With transparent vases of different shapes nicely garnished, it is easy to create twice as much magic inside the house!

Some ideas to draw inspiration from

For ideas, you just have to dig! You can, for example, fill column vases with Christmas balls of different sizes chosen in the same tones as those of your tree. A bucolic touch is not to be excluded either. If you place water and a few pearls at the bottom of a very large vase, you will get a nice crushed ice effect in which the stem of a white orchid will be planted. Nothing prevents you from replacing the transparent nuggets with a background of Christmas balls! Then favor artificial flowers so as not to have to pour water on the balls and remember to delicately exceed the white or red bouquet of the vase! And since the trend is for bare branches, in total harmony with the prevailing winter landscape outside, the other possibility is to replace the flowers with elegant tree branches, curved with gold or silver, or simply covered with a light garland…