The vegetable motif for a crunchy cuisine!

The vegetable motif for a crunchy cuisine!

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Decorate your kitchen with vegetables! Artichokes, asparagus, green peas, peppers and even peppers slip onto tables, stickers, dishes or storage boxes. Colorful and cheerful patterns that will bring a natural touch to your interior, to discover in our selection.


Think of the paintings, in the kitchen, they will be of the most beautiful effect, to dress a too empty wall for example. Find signed creations Decorative act , printed on white aluminum in high definition UV and solvent free therefore environmentally friendly. Carrots or asparagus, in any case, these tables display vibrant colors. In Amélie Vuillon , it is the pea which is staged in a triptych of photographs printed on canvas. Finally, La Chaise Longue also offers photos on canvas, whether you love peas, artichokes, peppers or peppers.

Table art

In The lounge chair , find original white porcelain plates representing 6 particularly cute European women! The Greek has an eggplant body, the English pea, the Italian in tomato, the French in artichoke, the German in broccoli or the Spanish in red pepper !! For children, fall for adorable melamine plates of the same brand, with a cabbage, a carrot and a pepper in vitamin colors makes you want to dip the spoon.


The brand Beach publishes original stickers, in particular the "pulses" model to stick on a dishwasher, ideal for giving an oriental accent to your kitchen decor. On the site, find cabbage, peppers and other zucchini to place on windows, a wall, wherever you want!

But also…

In Impact , the specialist in boxes for the whole house, find a dry vegetable model, perfect for storing your kitchen while decorating it.