Smart storage for dishes

Smart storage for dishes

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You need space to store everything you need in a kitchen! And sometimes this room is a small space that you have to know how to optimize at best so that everything necessary is stored there and that it remains functional! The kitchen designers redouble their inventiveness to offer you smart storage, but sometimes a few little tricks are enough to save space. So start by sorting your old dishes ... and then discover the clever storage that will store your plates, glasses, cups, cutlery and utensils.

Make room in your kitchen buffet!

The surface on which you place your plates and bowls in your kitchen cabinet is not extendable, of course, but with cup holders to hang below the shelves of your high sideboard, you will gain usable space for the storage of your dishes. If you are limited in terms of floor space and your chest is no longer enough to store all your dishes, why not opt ​​for specific wall storage that will clutter your buffet? There are, for example, stemware holders to be fixed to the wall like simple shelves or even small wall cabinets for your plates.

Grids and wall or magnetic bars

Also attached to the wall, the grids and bars will offer you a multitude of hooks to hang your various kitchen utensils. With these systems, it is additional space saved on your work plan, where you will no longer need to accumulate the usual pots for utensils. In the same style, replace your kitchen knife blocks with magnetic bars fixed to the wall or on one side of the furniture!