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Interview with Ludovic Michetti, the footballer converted into decoration

Interview with Ludovic Michetti, the footballer converted into decoration

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Former high level sportsman, Ludovic Michetti, 25 years old has just launched a brand new brand of inflatable furniture, designs and customizable. Meeting with the young man in full conversion.

Tell us about your sporting past.

I joined Olympique Lyonnais at the age of 13 and a half where I followed up with training centers and junior contracts. I then played in Switzerland as a professional. Back in France, I played in Toulouse where we won two beautiful cups including the Gambardella Cup.

Why such a retraining?

At 18, I started to get tired of it. I wanted to discover something else and to travel. I was not completely closed in the world of football. I then made the decision to resume my studies. I took courses in a business school in Montpellier which was very hands-on and that is exactly what I was looking for!

How was your company born? Have you always liked decoration?

I do not know anyone in the world of decoration and I am not an enthusiast ... In fact, I turned to decoration to meet a need. In business school, I traveled a lot and each time, I found myself faced with the problem of transporting furniture. I then found a solution with a friend in England who had bought an inflatable pool sofa. I bought this sofa and I started to work in the field, I also created a site and I noticed that there was a real demand.

What do you propose ?

Since April 2011, I therefore offer aesthetic inflatable furniture to professionals. The idea is to work on the image of the product to make everyone forget the "swimming pool" aspect. So I surrounded myself with talented designers and we mainly worked on the materials by dressing the furniture with textiles and opting for polyurethane which does not give the impression that it is inflatable furniture. I first turned to the event industry because I wanted to be able to attest to the quality of products with individuals. Today, I am proud to say that big brands like Quicksilver or Google trusted me. I believe that this is a real guarantee of quality. Now, I also offer my furniture to individuals precisely through the Unconventional Paris brand.

Tell us about the collection for individuals.

The Unconventional Paris collection is aimed at a fairly young clientele, especially young working people who, like me, often travel, especially abroad. Then, the furniture is also intended for all those who wish to furnish their garden in an atypical way. My idea is to respond to the current concerns of small spaces because inflatable furniture meets a specific need. This summer you may need furniture for your vacation, but you won't want it all year round. You just have to deflate it to store it.

What are your next projects ?

I work on new models with atypical products which stick well to the "Unconventional" image. And then there will be new flashy colors. And if you already have a Unconventional Paris product, we invite you to send us your photos to create an advertising campaign and a dedicated page on our site. Our main project is to show that we do design but that it is accessible.