Video: flowering a fish pond

Video: flowering a fish pond

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Do you want to give an exotic and colorful touch to your garden? Like classic plants, water flowers can play this role. In addition, the basin in which they swim can accommodate fish, which will give a little more life to your green space. In this case, it is important to give them a fresh and oxygenated pool, combining with your exterior decoration. Stéphanie Taffin, landscaper, gives you some precious advice to meet all these conditions.

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First, it is essential to choose a good pond for your fish. It is advisable to use a ceramic container, as this material has interesting properties. In particular, it keeps the water fairly cool during the summer, which is not negligible for the good life of your fish. On the other hand, the water present in the basin needs to be oxygenated. You can install a fountain there, or grow oxygenating water plants. Both solutions can show a certain aestheticism. However, if you choose plants, you still have to select those that will have the capacity to decorate your garden. Here are some examples, easily found commercially.

The herbs

- Eloded: these are algae that you simply have to place in the water. They have the advantage of being very oxygenating. - Hydrocotyles: they are often sold in small pre-drilled baskets to promote hydration of the roots. You just have to immerse them directly in the water.


- The pontéderia: sometimes reaching 80 cm, it especially makes a magnificent blue flower during the summer. - The water lily: be sure to put a small water lily and not a large one. The latter would never find its place in the smallness of a basin. If once immersed in water its leaves do not reach the surface, do not worry, the plant will adapt on its own very quickly. - The equisetum: it is a very simple plant which makes neither leaves nor petals, but which finds its charm in its long thin and vertical branches. - Azola: stagnant on the surface, it allows you to hide all the small plastic containers of other plants. Finally, do not hesitate to add a little water from time to time since that of the basin will tend to evaporate. You now know how to make a small fish pond that goes perfectly with the decoration of your garden. All you have to do is choose the right plants, the right container, and especially its new residents! Find Make a fish pond for garden on Produced by Minute Facile.