How to create a natural and relaxing atmosphere?

How to create a natural and relaxing atmosphere?

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Question from Houda


Answer: soft and neutral shades, natural materials and indoor plants

Hello Houda, you want to create a natural and relaxing atmosphere in your living / dining room whose walls are very light gray and sand. For a guaranteed result, I advise you to bring decorative elements in the same harmony of colors, even a slightly more sustained color but while remaining neutral. Your table is transparent black, so in a stronger shade but no need to change it! You can optionally cover it with a beige linen tablecloth with pretty contemporary candle holders. For the curtains, opt for a natural material such as linen in a gray-green shade, a sofa in mouse gray cotton canvas with wool and fake fur cushions, a thick heavy gray wool carpet, paintings with wooden frame dark or chromed / brushed steel and halogen lights with dimmer. Do not hesitate to install green plants and beautiful bouquets of flowers for the invitation to relaxation! You too, send us your decoration question