How to store everything in the kitchen?

How to store everything in the kitchen?

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The kitchen must be very organized and functional so as not to waste time during the preparations. For this, storage is essential! It is indeed necessary to tidy up the cupboards as well as the rest of the room.

In the cupboards

The organization of the cupboards is quite essential because if they are tidy, you will be able to store a lot more things. To help you, first bring pots and pans that can fit together so that you can put them all on the same shelf. Then you can divide the shelves with accessories that will allow you to store more dishes at height. Also remember to choose compartments to store your cutlery and other utensils.

In the room

In the kitchen space, opt for a maximum of storage furniture so that you can store not only the dishes but also the food. For your kitchen accessories, know that you can perfectly invest the worktop by having a small shelf that will allow you to store more things. Also consider using the wall surface by placing a splashback kit that will allow you to hang your accessories. You can also use coat hooks to always have your tea towels handy! Discover our selection to store everything in the kitchen.