Paint a teenage bedroom in gray without making it too dark

Paint a teenage bedroom in gray without making it too dark

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Corinne's question

"I want to redo the bedroom of my son who is 12 years old. His bedroom is in the attic and I wanted to paint it with a dark gray metal effect paint, the rest in normal light gray paint. I would not want it to be too dark, I I would like this to give the room a light effect. The bedroom is 13 m2. What do you think? "

Answer: it will not be dark if you paint the ceiling white

Hello Corinne, you want to repaint your son's room in light gray with a dark gray metal effect on one of the walls. You have a doubt about the brightness of the room ... I think there will be no problem of clarity if you paint your ceiling in white, it will give height to the room while brightening it. Then paint the darker wall on the window wall, when the outside light enters his room, it will be reflected on the light gray wall and bathe it in a soft and bright light. For the rest of the decoration, it is best to start with light shades and nuances for maximum brightness. You too, send us your decoration question