Green garden furniture

Green garden furniture

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It is now possible to equip yourself with outdoor furniture that respects nature and the environment. Manufacturers have grasped the importance of ecology in everyday life. Recycled or in responsible wood, the garden furniture has thus gone green to favor the ecological solution in the arrangement of your exterior.

A garden furniture in line with environmental concerns

With the arrival of the sun, more and more of you are buying garden furniture. If you are looking for responsible products for your garden furniture, opt for wooden furniture. The ecological solution lies in furniture that does not participate in deforestation and that remains in line with environmental concerns. Ecological wooden furniture fulfilling these environmental conditions is marked with an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) eco-label. It guarantees the provenance and sustainable management of the forest. This takes into account the environment and the social aspect. For sustainable and ecological action, prefer local wood from Europe, for France, for example. This encourages local production. In terms of wood for garden furniture, choose larch, pine, French oak or acacia, these are wood produced in France and resistant for the outdoors. The trend is also towards the recovery of materials and recycling. By choosing eco-responsible furniture, you are helping to respect your environment and nature. Recycled teak can be an attractive way to decorate your exterior in an exotic style. Robust and durable, it will be ideal for the outdoors.