What color and what type of furniture for a clean, chic and comfortable interior?

What color and what type of furniture for a clean, chic and comfortable interior?

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Question from Christelle

Hello, I just moved into my house and I want to furnish it. What color and what type of furniture is needed for a clean, chic and comfortable interior? My walls are white, my large tiles are light beige with a polished concrete look. My sofas are in ivory leather, my curtains are in linen, string color, and my cushions and throws (in faux fur) are also string color.

Answer: Scandinavian style for an elegant and refined interior

Hello Christelle, your interior is generally of string and beige color which are soft and neutral shades. To furnish it and create a refined atmosphere, both elegant and comfortable, I would choose rather light, Scandinavian style furniture. Scandinavian furniture is characterized by a clean design with materials such as light wood, clear plastic, colored fabrics and incidentally leather. Add to your room one or two armchairs typical of Scandinavian furniture inspired by designers such as Verner Panton, Ilmari Tapiovaara, Alvar Alto or Arne Jacobsen. Choose an oval coffee table in light wood or white plastic. You can also put a white or light wooden bookcase with clean lines. On the floor, choose a very thick carpet in neutral tones (gray or white for example). This will bring out your Scandinavian armchair as well as the rest of the furniture. It can also be made of cowhide! Tables with very graphic patterns can also perfect the decoration of your living room. For lighting, prefer a floor lamp or a birch pendant. They will reinforce the Scandinavian style of your interior. You too, send us your decoration question