Give a seaside style to the room for 350 euros

Give a seaside style to the room for 350 euros

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A beautiful combination of white and blue, rattan, driftwood and above all patterns that recall the beach, the ocean and marine atmospheres for a room that breathes vacation by the sea!

Soft colors and natural materials

The seaside in a room is above all a harmonization of pastel colors that navigate between white, beige and various shades of blue. It is also furniture made from natural materials: you can choose either white painted wooden furniture or rattan furniture for example. Do not bother to change your bed, a rattan headboard or even a bedside table in the same material (at 99 € at La Redoute) will be enough to decline a seaside style. Add to that a cover duvet cover with traditional marine stripes (from € 65.99 at the 3 Suisses) and a pebble and driftwood lamp (€ 29.90) and voila!

Bet on decorative accessories

Decorative objects are simply essential for marine evocation. Different themes can be put in the spotlight: you will give pride of place to shells and starfish, thanks to tables (€ 39.90 at the Why not create a little corner of privacy behind a screen in blue and white tones and patterns reminiscent of the beach (€ 69.99 at La maison de Valérie)? The patterns of boats, sails, knots of sailors and lighthouses will also be in a good place (marine jumble at 56 € at C'tendance and coat hook "a summer at Cap Code" at 29.90 € at Rue du commerce Galerie) in your room with a resolutely marine atmosphere.